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All monsters are human.I look like I am on the titanic
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new shirt :3
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I’m not sure why but Starbucks pictures always turn out quite good
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this is my favorite part of my room ♥
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spring break yesss
my quality instagram - @wifi0k
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society needs to learn to follow the golden rule
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PREACHBOWS’ SPRING GIVEAWAY I have gotten so many items that I already have so I decided to do a spring giveaway! I am also giving away iPhone cases because I have upgraded and I have no use of them. I have 7 books to giveaway and I have not uploaded any pictures of it or opened them. They are brand new books that I already had. Same goes to all the other prizes I have. There will only be one winner through random.org (amount of winners vary on first winner, ex: if winner does not respond in 1 week there will be a new winner) How I will pick: If there are 100 notes I will put 1 to 100 through random.org and if it picks 48 whoever was the 48th reblogger will win. Winner will be chosen sometime in the end of April or the beginning of May.
R U L E S you must be following me (preachbows) you must be 18+ or have parents permission to enter you must be able to give me your address so I can ship it out to you you may reblog as many times as you want (the more the better) and likes do not count but you may like to save
P R I Z E SBooks: 1.) Hunger Games Series (Paperback) $24 2.) Fault in Our Stars (Hardcover) $19.99 3.) Papertowns (Paperback) $9.99 4.) Divergent (Paperback) $9.99 5.) Wreck This Journal (Black) $9.99Total: About $75Phone Cases (Fits iPhone 4/4S): 1.) Blue Bunny, Red Bunny, Black Bunny (All bunnies come with removable tail) $30.00 2.) Despicable Me Case $10.00 3.) Silicon Kitty Case $10.00 4.) Squishy Breado Case - Coconut Sprinkle Design $20.00Total: About $70 Gift Cards: 1.) Starbucks $25.00 2.) Forever 21 $50.00 3.) Target $25.00 4.) Any Place you’d like (msg me if you win and i’ll go buy it) $75.00Total: $175
Spring Giveaway Total: About $320
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i loved the quality of this